logic on the doctor who fandom:

  • episode happens. everything is laid out, perfectly explained, no rooms for theories, etc. = lame episode, doesn’t contribute to continuity; couldve been better.
  • episode happens. somethings are left to the viewer’s imagination, but there’s also a great deal of in-depth character building = lame episode, the writer sucks because of SO mANy plot-holes; couldve been better.

honestly idk what kind of sci-fi some fucks in this fandom want.

Anonymous: um why are you defending Listen so much? Moffat made a mockery of the doctor and insulted canon with that ending. The show is called Doctor WHO for a reason. We're losing all the mystery surrounding the show which is meant to be there. We don't want to be shown the rest of the TARDIS interior, we don't want to see the inside of a dalek and more than anything we don't want to see the doctor as a child, or see the time war e.t.c...what he did to the canon here is something i can not forgive!


Well okay, but you do realise your entire argument here is literally'I don't want any characters, creatures, or locations in this show to be explored in depth ever”

Like, do you not understand how weird this argument is? Yeah I suppose the doctor needs to keep that air of mystery that surrounds himself, but I fail to see how what 'Listen' did was in any way insulting to the mystery of the show? What did we learn about the doctors past that we didn’t already know? That one day thousands of years ago he cried once in a barn?…because that’s literally it. 

Did you get this angry when we first learnt the name of the doctor’s home planet in 'The Time Warrior'?

Did you get this angry when the doctor gave us an avid description of Gallifrey in 'Gridlock'?

Did you get this angry when we SAW Gallifrey on screen itself in 'The Sound of Drums'?

Did you get this angry when we learnt of the Time Lord Academy, or of the doctor’s childhood nickname of ‘Theta Sigma’, or of his friendship and education with the Master (Koschei) and the Rani (Ushas)?

We’ve known a great deal about the doctor’s back story and past right from the beginning, not least in Russell T Davies’ era of the show, so then why one earth would finding out that at one point in his childhood, the doctor cried himself to sleep, bother you? (oh wait, I know why…it’s called bias)

Look, with all due respect, this is a television show, With actual characters. Characters that deserve to have depth, to have exploration, to have their stories told. While, yes, the doctor is a mysterious character, there is no way that I want to have character exploration and development fridged for the sake of a principal. With your argument, you might as well not watch Doctor Who, or simply TV in general at all, because character development is always going to happen. Because it deserves to.

Getting pissed because Moffat showed us a few rooms in the TARDIS (even though we’ve seen the TARDIS interior many times before), or getting pissed because Moffat showed us the Time War, or getting pissed because Moffat showed us what a Dalek looks like on the inside seems simply nonsensical.These aspects of Doctor Who are huge and important world-building elements of the main character’s life. Why shouldn’t we see them?

Forgive Steven Moffat for daring to show us something quiet, and sincere. Forgive Steven Moffat for daring to show us something no writer has shown us before. Forgive Steven Moffat for showing us a meaningful and inspiring and important moment in the title character’s life.

Whether you liked it or not.


korra is possibly the most important tv character i’ve seen in my whole life

a young, powerful brown-skinned girl who chases after her own life; who fights for her own choices; who is aggressive and physical and anything but shy; who takes joy and pride in her own strength and skill; who challenges others to be better, including her mentors, without holding back; who is the most empathetic, loving character who will do anything for people she does not know; who loves wholeheartedly and without reserve; who will sacrifice her life for the world; who is beaten down and broken and depressed but smiles for children and finds the strength to fight through anything with nothing but her own spirit


Don’t know about others but I’m just very swayed by the finale of Korra’s book 3. It was desperately epic, very bittersweet and immensily beautiful to watch. I’m so proud of what this show has become and what Korra the character has become. That last frame, where Korra despite her being under a lot of emotional and physical turmoil is obviously happy for the flourishing of the things for which she sacrificed herself.. that last frame tells volumes about this story, and I’m so happy because of how mature and raw the story is. I couldn’t wish for a better continuation of ATLA. I think that more than anything, the creators and everyone involved have done justice to what ATLA was, and even though these two are different shows it’s proved (not only in this finale, but other number of times) that The Legend of Korra is undoubtedly able to make us feel what ATLA did: passion.

here’s a maniac laugh for when korra beats those red lotus arses for good

if tenzin dies

he will never give Jinora her master tattoos

Hoping all the Red Lotus die a fucking miserable death





take a moment to realize you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures


some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn’t recognise it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like

This gave me anxiety

well you tell that to sarah manning

like as much as i want for rachel to “redeem” (i use the term loosely bc thats not really what i mean but bear me!!!11) herself next season sort of like helena did this season, and then join clone club waltzing like a pro, i really want to see even more of her playing with dyad and then how her dynamics within the corporation ties up with HER intentions. bc up till now we havent been told what are her intentions, we’ve just seen glimpses of it. for instance, why was she so invested in the research for making other clones? was she purely completing the dyad agenda? or does she have personal reasons for wanting the answers from duncan. i think a lot of what she does has to do with the way she was brought up and that maybe she wants a child - and given that she now knows she can’t by design, which certainly crashed her hopes to an extent - so that she can raise them in a way that feels righteous. and that could mean not committing to same errors both duncan and dyad did when they raised her. like, i dont know to what extent being raised self-aware and the loss of mother and father traumatized rachel, but from what we got from season 2, it did traumatize her a lot. and because we know she has a superiority complex and she craves for control (which is constantly robbed from her, to some extents), i could def see her wanting to incorporate the parent figure just to be in control of the situation. if this child were a clone it could even make more sense in the scenario where she both a) has control over the situation and b) wants to fix mistakes made in her upbringing. 

of course this is taking things to extremes but i see it as an interesting path to explore within the character. 

or we could have clone club party and rachel stepping in waltzing like a pro, no objection. 

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